sleeping princess sleep mask

The multi-function must-have for any glamor girl!

Our “Sleeping  Princess” sleep mask completely blocks out the light, making your sweet dreams even sweeter, and your afternoon naps purely blissful! These Venetian Decor originals incorporate sheared heirloom beaver fur, buttery Italian leather and pure silk ribbons.

The sleep mask is satin-lined and has a hidden zipper: if you have a headache, a icy gel pack may be added for relief; a scented lavender sachet can be added at bedtime for a soothing and calming effect. Store your sunglasses or eye glasses – or even hide your treasured bling – when traveling. This is a must have for any Glamor Girl!

Make it yours, truly – customize with your name or an affirmation, laser-etched into the leather!

Unique heirloom furs are available in an array of colours and fur types. We will design and create your product using available stock.

View Italian Leather Colours & Message About Heirloom Furs

Measures: 8″ Long x 4″ Wide
Price: $397

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