Preserving Our History - Repurposing Vintage Fur Coats

Venetian Decor is dedicated to our history, great grandmothers, great grandfathers, the artisans and last but not least the animals. Our passion is for te-purposing fur coats and vintage jewelry from our families’ past, to keep the beauty alive and create pieces for you to savor and cherish.

My passion is to design timeless creations made from heirloom fur coats, French furniture, beautiful rhinestone buttons and brooches. I believe that these items belong in our world not just in the past, but in our future. Without the artisans, making these creations would not be possible. My vision is to design functional art, retain the history of our world and teach our children and future generations to cherish the past, present, and future.

Preserving Our History - Repurposing Vintage Fur Coats

Can you feel the presence from the vintage photo? Let your imagination run wild with thoughts of a bygone era…Meet my history, feel what I feel, dream what I dream, in your home and your hearts.

History has a way of repeating itself.What was once our great grandmothers treasures that some would rather forget. . . are making a new history.To preserve precious family heirlooms and quality treasures.The family legacy continues.

Heirloom fur coats and vintage jewelry are paired with rich Italian leather, quality frames and environmentally friendly products and given new life as beautiful furniture, pillows, and personal accessories. This is what we at Venetian Decor love to do, and it’s what our clients love, too!