Hand-crafted from luxurious heirloom furs, supple Italian leathers, scrumptious silk fabrics, adornments of vintage rhinestone buttons and brooches, Pamela Walker-Beattie’s signature designs are iconic eye-candy masterpieces for the Diva in all of us.

My love of beautiful heirloom fur coats inspired me to create this line of products for you to savor for years to come. Let’s preserve our history and our world!
Pamela Beattie - Giving New Life to Heirloom Fur Coats & Vintage Jewelry

Pamela was born in Vancouver, BC. She grew up appreciating the aesthetic side of life, being the third generation in a family of milliners, furriers & shop owners.

Her heritage – steeped in fashion – seemed to magically inspire Pamela’s creativity. Pamela Walker-Beattie created the signature Venetian Decor brand in March of 2008, with the mantra of “old world with a new twist” to guide her.

Her goal is to capture the essence of that history and beauty by preserving the glamor and heirloom treasures of our past. “My dream is to create a message with the products I design and let them each tell their own story…”

“Heirloom fur coats, such as Dior and Holt Renfrew, have played a key role in our design process setting the stage and launch of our new personal boutique designs.”

Pamela Beattie - Giving New Life to Heirloom Fur Coats & Vintage Jewelry

Pamela Walker-Beattie and her family – with their loyal and loving dog Ebony – reside in the coastal mountains of British Columbia on 17 acres of land, with majestic mountains views and a creek filled with salmon. When they are not in the studio, you will find them at Ebony’s favorite pond, on the property filled with ducks and birds, enjoying life and the simple pleasures.